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Case Study 2 - Improving Stretch Wrap Efficiency And Consumption With XCEED™ At A Belgian Alcoholic Beverage Distributor

Case Study 2 - Improving Stretch Wrap Efficiency And Consumption With XCEED™ At A Belgian Alcoholic Beverage Distributor


The Distributor’s packaging solution consisted of an automated packaging line equipped with an automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper. Their heavy products and wrapping procedure were applying more tension than their stretch film could handle. The film was breaking as it stretched to the desired 250%. The film would snap as it came off the roll, or puncture and break if the wrap caught on an extruding edge. The stretch film breaks would interrupt the wrap cycle, shutting down the Distributor’s automated packaging line. The breakdowns in productivity were increasing wrap times and reducing throughput by causing a backup of pallets. This backup resulted in employees waiting for the wrap to be re-clamped and the wrap process restarted from the beginning. When a wrap cycle was restarted, the process would begin again from the first wrap applied. This was resulting in pallets receiving double the amount of wrap they would normally need.


We visited the Distributor’s facility to perform a free packaging consultation. The goal of the consultation was to assess their stretch film breakage issues and existing wrapping processes. During the consultation, we introduced the Optimax program. Optimax aims to improve stretch film practices and standards to reduce costs. Intrigued by the possibility of an annual stretch wrap savings of up to 30%, the Distributor scheduled a Optimax analysis on their stretch wrap packaging solution.
During the Optimax audit, the Packaging Specialist tested three of Respack’s Xceed Stretch Films, 15um, 17um and 20um. These films were tested against the Distributors existing 14um.


  • Improved Throughput and Efficiency

Xceed™ 17um film has helped the Distributor eliminate downtime caused by film breaks. This has helped them to increase their packaging efficiency and increase throughput. The improved wrapping process is now shorter and reduces the time it takes to wrap a single pallet of goods. This allows the Distributor to run more pallets through the automated packaging line and improve packaging productivity.

  • Reduced Stretch Film Consumption and Improved Per Pack Costs

With a stronger stretch film preventing wrap breaks, pallets are no longer receiving double cycles. This has helped to prevent the wasteful wrapping of skids. The Xceed™ 17um Film’s high-quality resins produce superior containment force and reduce the number of wraps required per pallet. The Distributor has now dropped the weight of wrap used per pallet by 21%. This reduction in materials reduces the Distributors stretch wrap costs by $0.40 per pallet. This knowledge-based packaging solution has helped the distributor to save an estimated $21,120 annually on their stretch wrap film.

  • Improved Labour

With the elimination of film breakages, the Distributor increased labour efficiency. When breaks previously occurred, the automated packaging line would shut down. An employee would then need to follow proper safety procedures to enter the line and restart the wrap process. Employees are now able to work consistently through the shift without being slowed by line shutdowns.

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