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Case Study 3 - Saving 46% Cost And Reducing 64% In Waste For This Dairies Producer

Case Study 3 - Saving 46% Cost And Reducing 64% In Waste For This Dairies Producer


Respack were asked to investigate pallet instability and pallet wrap snapping issues as well as undertake a transit packaging audit.


After an Optimax visit, we ascertained more efficient pallet wrapping films would reduce packaging costs and also environmental impact. A perfect example of why we say; “it’s not how much a roll of wrap costs, but what you can wrap with it that matters”. The producer switched lines 1 and 2 to using Xtend™ film, and switched line 3 to using Xceed™ film. To improve stability we recommended that the overlap on the wrap was increased from 50mm to 200mm increasing film usage. That increase was far outweighed by a more efficient film and fewer damaged pallets.
On lines 1 and 2 using Xtend™ film reduced the weight of film used per pallet from 338g to 158g whilst increasing pallet stability.
On line 3 using Xceed™ reduced the weight of film per pallet from 373g to 176g whilst again increasing pallet stability.


  • Less waste through a reduction of 64% in the amount of pallet wrap used. This means a packaging waste and environmental saving of more than 15 tonnes.
  • Less cost by using higher performance wrap and film which equated to a saving of 46%.
  • Less downtime through less roll changes. Xtend™ film on lines 1 and 2 wraps 52 more pallets per roll and Xceed™ on line 3 wraps 45 more pallets. This more than halves the operator time spent changing rolls.
  • Less stockholding required as a pallet of Xtend™ will wrap 4,278 pallets compared to 1,886 pallets.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through better presented pallets, fewer stability issues and less waste.
  • Improved productivity and happier operators. Better products performing as they should.

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