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🏮 Family Pack 🏮 Kids Premium Face Mask 3 Boxes/50 pcs + FREE AngPow + FREE Mask Protective Case

Product :Respack

Specifications :

Colour: White (3 Boxes)
Size :  145mm x 80mm
Type:  3 ply ear loop surgical mask, single-use, non-sterile
Quantity : 50 Pieces/per box

ASTM: ASTM level II (Fluid Resistance mmHg 120, BFE > 98% @3 microns, PFE > 98% @0.1um
Manufactured : Malaysia


- Multiple filtering

 The masks are entirely made up of multiple filter material layers that give optimum protection and comfort.

- Comfortable and breathable

  This mask is comfortable to wear and allergy free. It helps to block dust, germs, dirt, and pollen while also absorbing excess moisture.

- Filter out germs

  Reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases while protecting others from being infected.

- Waterproof

  This is a breathable waterproof mask made of non-woven fabric (outer) and (inner) melt blown fabric filtering layer,

   which effectively waterproof and isolate droplets.

- Fluid and Blood Resistance

- Comfort with Low Resistant Breathing

- Soft 100% Latex and Allergy Free

- Excellent Filtration with full width adjustable nose-piece

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