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Diapers Donation to Special Care Centres, Old Folks Home & Nursing Home

A special thanks to C.T. Stabil Sdn Bhd ( KP Tay , Tay Cze Yang & Peggy Lim) for the generosity in sponsoring and participating in our ‘Love-Life-Active’ CSR programme! 😍 Respack Group of Companies Team visited & distributed diapers to 15 Homes in Melaka & Penang!

1. Beringin Park Nursing Home

2. Honey happy home sdn.bhd

3. Loving Care Centre 慈爱安老院

4. Pusat Jagaan Kasih Sayang Prasanna

5. Senior Garden

6. golden age care centre

7. Qlife Physiotherapy And Meridian Wellness Centre 优生活 物理治疗 与 经络理疗

8. OSEM Nursing, Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy 一心护理、复健与物理治疗

9. PSC Nursing home

10. Leisure Health Care Center Sdn Bhd

11. SHINE HOME 深爱残障儿童福利中心

12. Machang Bubok Care Centers

13. Glory Everise Home 荣耀之家

14. Hope Retirement Nursing Home

15. Rumah Sejahtera Permatang Tinggi

We believed that each individual deserves dignity and care. These essential items offer comfort, freedom and the ability to engage in daily activities with confidence and active lifestyle! Any amount given during the on-going nationwide campaign will be double-upped by Respack and the total donation will be channelled to the chosen homes in the form of diapers. On average, each person will use up to 3 pieces of diapers per day, which is equivalent to RM6/day. Up to today’s date, we have collected up to RM44,672 which Respack has contributed half of the amount. Thank you and stay tuned for more updates! 😁

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